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Inventory Augmentation:

Very few people outside the industry know this, but when a retail company liquidates its inventory, it often has to purchase additional goods to sell at the liquidation. Think about it logically. If the on-hand inventory was all that attractive, the company probably wouldn't have to go into bankruptcy in the first place.

Working with closeout wholesalers all over the country, Dealco, Inc. arranged for the infusion of brand new, exciting merchandise for a single location "Super Store" in southern New Jersey that was running a "Going Out of Business Sale". The new inventory sold at liquidation prices while still returning a higher profit percentage than the regular stock of the store.

When the Bank seizes assets:
We are frequently contacted by lending institutions that find themselves in possession of inventory from a failed business. Such institutions turn to us to assist them in monetizing these inventories. After one institution contacted us, we embarked on a large project to liquidate thirteen trailers of assorted cosmetics. Using the proceeds from the sale of the finished goods, we completed packaging the bulk items in the inventory and then sold those goods, too. Even when splitting the revenue in half, the return the bank realized was more than 60% higher than they would have received if they had simply sold the inventory to the highest bidder. All expenses except for the packaging were paid out of our share of the revenue.
When the Courts Order a Liquidation:
Working hand in hand with the company's attorney, the bankruptcy court, and the company's largest creditor, Dealco, Inc. recently completed the purchase and delivery of $24 million at retail ($11.5 million at wholesale) of assorted salon quality tanning, hair, and nail care items. This inventory consisted of over 3.5 million units covering well over 700 items. Delivery took three months and 70 trailers.
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