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Dealco, Inc.
One Main Street, Ste 201
Eatontown, NJ 07724
Phone: 732 544 8083
fax: 732 544 8084
Email: Admin@dealcoinc.com

Sunglasses and Reading Glasses:
For many years, Dealco, Inc. purchased, sorted, and re-sold more salvage sunglasses and reading glasses than any other company in the country. We bought store returns, buy backs, and over produced styles from the largest sun- and reading glass manufacturer in the country. Upon receipt of the glasses, our warehouse staff sorted out the damages, poly-sleeved the good pairs, and assorted them in pre-packs for shipment. Dealco, Inc. processed and sold in excess of 500,000 assorted pairs of glasses per year until the program ended with the sale of our vendor. None of our sales were into our vendor's primary market.

Children's Videos:
Late last century, Dealco, Inc. purchased a large quantity of brand new children's videotapes. There were approximately twenty different titles with quantities unevenly distributed throughout the mix. Dealco, Inc. re-sorted the tapes to proportionally represent the entire inventory and resold the videos as assortments to a large dollar store chain.

Educational CD-ROM:
A massive project that took upwards of twenty trailers to ship, Dealco, Inc. purchased a huge quantity of educational CD-ROM. Over the course of two weeks, these 20 trailers shipped to one of our customers, a major discount retailer. To the best of our knowledge, none of these CD-ROM ever appeared for sale in the publisher's primary market.

Star Wars ® Cups:
There comes a time, periodically, when a closeout wholesaler misjudges the resale value of an inventory. In these rare instances, a closeout company must actually close out their own inventory. In this instance, Dealco, Inc. purchased a series of fast-food novelty tie ins, including toys and molded drinking cups. While we sold a little more than half of this inventory to a wholesaler, a significant portion of the inventory was piece-mealed out to prevent market saturation.

Computer Paper:
When one of the major computer/copy paper manufacturers needed to quietly sell off twelve trailers of their premium stock item due to a packaging change, Dealco, Inc. was able to help them. As the new packaging had only appeared in the United States, Dealco, Inc. was able to accommodate the vendor's restrictions of resale by selling the entire inventory to a Canadian company.

Gardening Equipment:
In the past year and a half, Dealco, Inc. has assisted in the liquidation of over $3 million (retail) of excess inventory from the warehouses of some of the largest manufacturers and distributors of lawn and garden equipment in the world. Items include shovels, rakes, edgers and more from both the manufacturer's US label and their UK label. We have completed several different transactions with this particular vendor.

Household Appliances:
Also in the last year and a half, Dealco, Inc. has bought and sold over 200,000 assorted units of house fans, personal fans, water filters, and associated products. The manufacturer is a repeat vendor for us.
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