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Dealco, Inc.
One Main Street, Ste 201
Eatontown, NJ 07724
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Because of the opportunity to flex their collective creative muscles, the manufacturing and repackaging projects are the most enjoyable of all of Dealco's processes. Inspiration strikes randomly, and often inconsistently. Inspiration is worthless, however, without the knowledge and expertise to develop the supply chains that allow such inspired ideas to come to fruition.

Padlocks & Combination Locks:
In 2003, Dealco Inc. purchased 1.4 million padlocks and combination locks from one of the world's largest manufacturers and distributors of tools and hardware. After negotiating the rights to use the manufacturer's name and logo, Dealco developed, created, designed and produced 1.2 million retail sales units. The packaging included single, double, and quadruple lock packages: 22 different SKUs in all. The packaging was trilingual (English, Spanish, and French), multi-colored, and in heavy gage clamshell. The entire inventory was sold to two different wholesalers to the secondary market.

Comic Books:
What do you do with a million assorted comic books? Package them as a three pack. Assembled in Canada, the strong US dollar allowed for greater component costs to create an attractive, viable display package for what others considered "dead" inventory.

The Vitamin E Two Pack:
Already in possession of 250,000 1.5 oz glass jars with caps, the opportunity to purchase a 2-oz plastic bottle provided the inspiration for this wildly popular item. A vitamin E lotion and a matching cream in a two pack sold over 500,000 units over the space of 18 months. We finally had to cease production on this item when we couldn't get the replacement bottle we found when we ran out of the glass jars.

"Dealco" Hand and Body Lotion:
When one of the country's largest home and bath chains decided to change the shape of the bottle they used, Dealco, Inc. jumped at the chance to produce 300,000 units of assorted bath lotions and gels in four scents. The 16 oz finished product was sold to a large discount retailer and retailed at $0.99.

The "Renaissance" Bath and Body Line:

Packaging changes for a name brand shampoo created a closeout on a 15-oz bottle. Dealco's creative team worked with a contract filler to develop a complete bath and body line of products (shower gels to shampoos). With original artwork and popular scents, this line was sold exclusively to a closeout wholesaler for national distribution. This line was produced to be retailed at $0.99.

Writing Pad 3 Packs:
When Dealco, Inc. found themselves in possession of a large quantity of bulk writing tablets, they created a two-sided label and had the tablets packaged in sets of three with a pre-price of $2.99. These packs were produced at such a price that they could retail at $0.99.

The Fun Pack:
What does one do with 3 million pieces of buy-back costume jewelry? When posed with this unique question, Dealco, Inc. looked out over the Pacific Ocean and purchased a quantity of clear PVC bags. In those bags went an assortment of children's costume jewelry, hair gadgets, and small activity toys. The Fun Pack, as the completed item was called, has sold over 200,000 units to date. As important, the concept adapted well to cosmetics, and an "Adult" Fun Pack was also created, using a different PVC bag, adult costume jewelry, cosmetics and hair gadgets. The Adult Fun Pack has sold over 100,000 units.
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