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Dealco, Inc.
One Main Street, Ste 201
Eatontown, NJ 07724
Phone: 732 544 8083
fax: 732 544 8084
Email: Admin@dealcoinc.com

Dealco, Inc. has been supplying its unique blend of services for over ten years. We pride ourselves on our "out of the box" approach to resolving our client's inventory problems. In today's ultra-competitive business world, the straightforward approach doesn't always work. Dealco is proud of the assortment of alternatives we've evolved to help you. Please take a look at the various transactional formats available to us to help you. Our Hall of Fame lists examples of each of the processes described below. Contact us to discuss which method is right for you and your situation.


In many instances, the simplest solution to your inventory problem is to buy your excess inventory. While not the right process for every situation, sale of excess inventories to Dealco, Inc. can have many benefits. These benefits include immediate cash relief and the re-acquisition of valuable storage space. Dealco, Inc. will issue a purchase order and move and pay for your goods in whatever manner is agreed upon. Dealco prides itself in always adhering to our vendor's restrictions of resale. We have an extensive wholesale customer base that includes primary, secondary, and tertiary markets both domestically and overseas.

Sometimes, it is more advantageous for Dealco, Inc. to sell your excess inventory for you. In this scenario, you would continue to hold title to the inventory in question, and we would bend our considerable effort and expertise to selling your inventory for you. Normally, all documented expenses are reimbursed from the proceeds, and the profits are divided into previously agreed upon proportions.

Under certain circumstances, we would recommend that a Sales Agreement be signed. What this does is effectively makes Dealco and a particular vendor partners in the process of resolving a particular inventory problem. Cost of goods, expenses and revenues are shared on a contractually pre-determined basis.

Dealco, Inc. frequently works with banking institutions to turn inventories from bankrupt companies into cash. This liquidation of inventory is always handled quickly and discretely, and we work diligently to maximize the return for the bank.


Steve Berger, President of Dealco, Inc., has vast experience in the evaluation of inventories as part of an overall estimation of the worth of a company. As process specialists, Dealco can examine a company's operating systems to look for ways to streamline operations, thereby decreasing operating costs. Knowledge of the changing currents of the marketplace coupled with an extensive network of personal relationships with some of the biggest "players" in the industry allow Dealco, Inc. insights not commonly available to many liquidators.


We don't limit ourselves to one or two types of inventory. Any item produced for consumer use is of interest to us, at any time during the production process. Has your packaging changed? We're interested in the old one. Production over-runs? Let's see 'em! Slightly irregular? Not a problem for us. We buy slow moving inventories, and fix marketing mistakes. We can keep the inventory we liquidate out of your normal distribution channels.

Are you stuck with components from your packaging change? We can purchase those, too.

We sell with the same facility with which we buy. Many of our customers are the wholesalers that supply the secondary marketplace. Dealco, Inc. often helps to augment liquidations with a wide assortment of merchandise.

There is no inventory that is too small or too large to interest us. Smaller lots are often purchased for an affiliated retail/wholesale-to-public location.

Dealco, Inc. has learned that there's ALWAYS a way to get something done. Staffed with intelligent, creative personnel from diversified (and complimentary) business backgrounds, Dealco has evolved a synergy that can benefit any organization needing the skills of a successful liquidator.
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